Pool Options

Lighting for Your Pool

Enjoy the beauty and romance of your new pool by night with lighting features.

LED Lighting

The PAL provides a totally new concept in Underwater Pool/Spa and Aquatic Landscape Lighting Design.

Utilizing new molding materials, it has been possible to produce a compact light fitting with unique features that are not currently available from any other existing pool or spa lighting product.

LED Color Changing

Six colors with disco mode, fully synchronized.

Color Change Digital Array: can be fitted with a 100,000 hr color change array with color lock on six different colors or two color change modes.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Set the mood with your choice of four colors. With the added luminescence of fiber optics, you will be able to capture your pool's beauty by day as well as night.

Fiber optic lighting allows you to highlight virtually anything, from your pool and spa to landscaping and patio designs. Your custom lighting can also be used with water features such as cascades to highlight the movement of an unbroken, falling waterfall.

Fiber perimeter lighting allows you to add charm and ambiance to any pool or spa.